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Grow Your Own Lettuce Indoors!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Seeds (looseleaf lettuce, spinach, arugula)

Potting soil

Plastic lettuce containers with the lid

Plastic wrap/plastic bag



  1. Poke holes along the bottom of the container

  2. Place potting soil in the containers, place the container in the lid, and moisten the soil until it feels like a damp sponge

  3. Plant your seeds according to the packaging (I ignored the spacing rules and instead just thinned the seedlings to the right spacing)

  4. Cover loosely with plastic and place in a sunny, protected spot like a sunny window or sunroom.

  5. Wait 7-10 days for the seeds to start sprouting

  6. Once the seedlings reach a few inches tall, thin the seedlings to the proper spacing (they are the same as microgreens, so make sure you enjoy the crunchy treat!)

  7. Pick your leaves as you need them (once they reach 4 inches) and reseed every 2-3 weeks so you have a constant supply of fresh greens!

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