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To inspire kindness towards the Earth and all who walk it.

-the kind roots mission

Our Food

Our food will always contain the highest quality, locally sourced (when possible) ingredients. Always vegan, nothing artificial.

Our Impact

We will constantly monitor our environmental impact and strive to create new ways to have a positive impact on our planet.

Our Community

We will always focus on giving back to the communities that support us through volunteering, donations, and increasing awareness for local causes.

Our Friends

At the heart and soul of Kind Roots will always be the goal to reduce harm towards the animals of our planet.

About our founder:

Stephanie Lundgren, the Kind Roots founder and CEO,

is a 26 year-old Virginia Tech alum who was born and raised in Massachusetts. She created the company back in June of 2020, amidst the beginnings of the COVID pandemic. Stephanie went vegan back in 2017 as a result of a combination of her yoga teacher training and watching the Earthlings documentary. Cooking vegan food for her family and friends quickly became her greatest passion and she quit her job in a medical lab to create her own path doing something she loves: creating delicious vegan food with a positive impact. The Kind Roots Veggie Burger was born out of a frustration with the store-bought options out there. They either taste flavorful, contain saturated fats and have a high sodium content or they have great ingredients, a rather bland flavor, and leave you feeling hungry. Stephanie set out to create a veggie burger that combined the best of both worlds with incredible flavor, filling texture, and amazing list of ingredients...and she's done it! The Kind Roots Burger is in a category of it's own.


to learn more about stephanie and how and why she created kind roots, listen to this episode of the "bold like her" podcast

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